Michal Greenboim
Fine Art

short portfolio

Orchard Trail

In “Orchard Trail” Michal Greenboim creates photographic diptychs. These photographs were taken as individual images over the years, as daily responses to the world around her, as in a visual journal, and later paired. In examining the photographs she realized that she “had subconsciously been photographing [her] childhood.” She says, “The pictures in front of me held deep memories of curiosity, innocence and wonder. They were my remembrances, wandering in the backyard, exploring moments like the sound of a tree [or] a bird in the sky.”  Images were in solo exibitions at The Griffin Museum Of Photogaphy and in Davis Orton Gallery. Contact info

19 pieces of Orchard Trail are framed and ready for installation. for more information for shows and exhibitions please contact via E-mail info@greenboim.com


Keeping The Flame

The small but committed Jewish community in Cuba is at a critical moment in its history. Years of support from international aid groups have led to what one writer called “the miracle of rebirth”—but economic and demographic pressures threaten to undo all that hard-won progress. more info

Flicker Of Life- A sad story