Michal Greenboim
Fine Art

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Photographed by  Sam Abell .

Photographed by Sam Abell.


Michal Greenboim

Michal Greenboim grew up in Israel, in a small town called Pardes Chana, which means Hana Orchard. When reflecting on her childhood, Greenboim says “the town was full of orange, avocado and mango orchards. I remember exchanging our avocados for the neighbor's mangos. The kids would walk over to their neighbors homes for story time or a piano lesson. I would go with my father to pick oranges from our orchard. These memories are what inspire my photographs, they remind of who I truly am.”

Greenboim developed an early interest in photography after watching her grandfather, who always had a camera in hand capturing family moments. Following a career as an interior designer and computer engineer, Michal later moved into photography, publishing her first photography book “Orchard Trail” in 2016.

Michal now lives in La Jolla, California and began her MFA studies in June 2017.