Michal Greenboim
Fine Art


"Michal's photographs are like whispers. They speak quietly about important things: childhood, memory, secrets. 
Her photographs are harmonious, poetic and lyrical lines that use color to seduce and haunt. They trigger my senses, especially touch and smell. 

Michal uses the camera to observe the world around her, often using a macro scale to pull us in. Her pictures explore a way of seeing that only the camera sees. I love that. She pushes at depth of field and focus to point at the way we might observe as children and the way we often remember as adults. She brings together disparate subject matter to create a deeper conversation about seeing. Really Seeing. The images become a mediation on form as a way to access memory."

“The photographs of 'Orchard Trail' are in their essence a mode of language. In each diptych there is an exchange by way of harmonic gesture that conveys the intangibles of thought and experience.

In the trilogy of shows opening in Winchester on January 11, 2018, if there is a common element that links each to the other, it is the ability of the artists to disclose personal psychologies without vulnerability. It is this show of openness that draws us to the artists and their art-making process.”

The diptychs’ appeal, which is considerable, isn’t about specificity and meaning. It’s emotional evocation and visual complementarity. Greenboim shoots her subjects up close, and those subjects can be as immaterial as raindrops and shadows or as palpable as a coffee cup and leaves. Detail and mood matter most to her, the former inspiring the latter.

Sometimes the pairings are a natural match: snow and a white pillow. Others, like “Tool Box — Purple Jellyfish,” would seem almost antically mismatched — except that they’re not. Through some combination of eye, imagination, and instinct — all right, call it talent — Greenboim makes them work.”

“Greenboim’s images are sensual and vibrant, often shot using a macro lens with extremely selective focus, reminiscent of a child’s absorbed curiosity. 

In creating diptychs from these photographs, Greenboim summons lyrical interactions of color, composition and meaning that are greater than the sum of their parts. Colors pop, patterns dance and Greenboim’s fusions flow with a store of collective memories, imagined and real.”

"The diptychs are brilliant pairings of beautiful things that can be interpreted in many ways.

I kept noting what seemed like blood in her pictures...blood in a tube, pills sitting in a red slick that looked like blood, bubbles in water with a dense red liquid drifting down from them, red cloth, red threads...it's interesting to me how Michal photographed her subjects so delicately that even something that could be gruesome, just looks fragile and mysterious. There is an image of a child's lip, so pink and plump and also peeling, that it looks swollen and like maybe there's been an accident, something has gone wrong, but this mouth paired with a translucent pink onion slice balanced on its edge is somehow perfect."